Inside Job: Doing the work you want with the job you have

"I shared Inside Job with a coaching client who was questioning her next career steps. She was feeling unhappy with her role, but not very keen to leave the company that she knew and liked. This book really resonated with her. After implementing several of the exercises she regained a sense of control over her destiny and started to enjoy her work once again. Last week she rang to thank me and announced that she'd been promoted to head up a massive new change program in the business. She was thrilled and credits the actions she implemented from this book with her success." Matt Lumsdain

Why do the careers of some professionals seem to be wildly successful yet hard to replicate? How do you improve your chances of doing the work you want to do in your current job? Doing your job well does not guarantee a successful career; in fact for many of us it does not even provide job security. In this book you will discover the three types of roles available to you, how to create them and who you should meet along the way. This is a book about people, and it starts with you.

"Those who manage their careers best, consistently attend to its needs. This book is where you should start if you want to take control of your career and build a 'real network' of sponsors. In particular, the guidance provided to get started and to do the work (Module 8) is invaluable. The author has clearly thought carefully about the structure of the book to make it a logical sequence of steps that any professional can undertake to understand and plan their career. Before you go and hire a career coach, complete the module steps of this book and if nothing else you will learn much about yourself and save yourself hundreds of dollars in the process." Craig Stephens

When I first set out to write a book on careers for professionals, I intended it for those actively looking to change the way they work. I assumed it was a lack of information that was holding back a generation of brilliant professionals.

In the 12 months since Inside Job was released I’ve found managers are far more open and willing to implement these ideas despite their time constraints than the intended audience – their staff. Managers of technology companies, financial firms and state government agencies are now using the principles and frameworks to drive data-driven decision making in their teams and their organisations. Whether you’re a manager, part of a team, or a young professional, this book can help you use data, your data, to do great work. 

“I recommend this book to anyone who wants to further their career through meaningful work and create connections with industry leaders. This is the how-to-guide you wish you had received at the start of your career.” Dr Jennifer Hunt

Inside Job was written on a framework I’ve come to see from my speaking and mentoring based on this book. This framework was initially developed from a decade of academic research and consulting.
That framework is Know, Decide, Achieve. Underpinning these themes is the unwavering fact that your data is your competitive advantage. Every chapter of this book taps into the rich vein of information about your career. Applying the framework to Inside Job looks like:
KNOW: There are only three types of roles available. Understand what each of these roles are and how to go about winning each of these.
DECIDE: Which role you will choose and which strategies you will use. Decide who in your network is most suitable to connect with.
ACHIEVE: Do the work as outlined and achieve the role you want.
As the world is becoming increasingly aware of the value of data, now is the opportunity to use your data from your career to do the work you want to do. This book teaches you how.

“Most people get drawn into an 'arms race' against their peers, paying big money for further education to differentiate themselves in a highly competitive job market. This book presents an alternative path. It shows you how to get the job you actually want with the skills you already have.” Ryan McCarthy

"Andrew Pratley has presented a very clear, logically laid out and easy to follow method for advancing your career in your current organisation, and I recommend it to anyone who's serious about increasing their level of influence, their job satisfaction, and probably their pay check without leaving their current employer." Matt Lumsdaine